Finish the Round, Start the Game

Dr. Divot brings a fresh perspective to the game. Two new features that will change the way you approach your round of Golf. Scorecard Scanning technology, and the Ultimate Scorecard

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Scan - Save - Organise

Take a Picture of your paper scorecard and Get your Handicap, Stableford Points and Strokes calculated. Your scores are shown in colour code for better readablity and the scorecards are saved forever.

Eclectic - Scoring

Fill the Wallet on your profile with new Course Cards and challenge yourself to “Par” or even “Birdie” each course. Eclectic Scoring has been reawakened for the creation of a memory book of the best scores you ever played on each hole. The colour of the Course Card represents your rank based on your best scored holes on this course.

Our Vision

Extract the best of Golf and put it into an App
- Birdies, Bomb Drives, Winning, Good Shots and Fun -

Use all these aspects and turn them into readable statistics. Become your own “Playing Card” where your corse performance changes your ratings.

Engage with Golfers globally and be able to play Online. New Leaderboards will come were you will be able to challenge others and yourself.

Course vs. Course Competitions - Accumulating statistics from each course are competing with each other to see which club comes out on top.

Create something truly original for Golfers that enhances the overall experience of Learning golf, Improving and Playing regularly.

By Pintech Golf UG

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